Fast MBA for Researchers

One-day business school for research professionals

If you are a research professional, researcher, research manager or programme coordinator who wants to master fundamentals of sounds business practice, this course is for your.

This course is drawn from ongoing and extensive research into the way successful businesses are operated today. We skip the filler and teach an adaptive core curriculum, blending theory and praxis into a set of skillsets you can immediately apply. We’ve kept the programme lean and focused, so it’s a simple matter for us to update our coursework as our research dictates. If you don’t have the time or resources to sink into earning your MBA the traditional way, our programme is guaranteed to help level the playing field. Euro for Euro, our one-day programme is a better value for the time invested.

In just one day, this course will help you to understand fundamental principles and make a difference at work or personal life. This course does not require any prior business knowledge and  experience. Participants will receive free copies of 3 bestselling books by Can Akdeniz.

Here is a short overview what you will learn:

  • Foundations of a successful business
  • Components of a successful business
  • How business really works
  • Strategies successful businesses do


1. Session: 10:00-12:30

  • Introduction
  • The Business of Research
  • Key foundations and must-haves of a successful business
  • Components of a business
  • Case Discussion

2. Session: 13:30-16:00

  • How business really works
  • Strategies of successful businesses
  • Case Discussion

Available Dates

25 March 2014 and 23 September 2014 (Please use the registration form below.)


Can AkdenizThe programme will be presented by Can Akdeniz. Can is the author of four business books and advisor to various organisations.

As a lecturer and author with 12 years of practical consulting experience, Can brings insightful advice to crowds ranging from entrepreneurs to market leaders, who value his fresh ideas and sensible approach in tackling the most important issues affecting today’s fast-paced world of organisations. He has also worked with over 50 major organizations to create cultures within the workplace that value efficiency and the synergies of individual ideas and contributions.

Can Akdeniz holds degrees with King’s College in London, as well as the University of Bonn.


Once you complete this masterclass you will be awarded a certification of participation. This certification proves to employers and colleagues that you have not only learned the skills taught in our programme, but that you understand how to apply them to real world situations.

Location / Accommodation

GSI Hotel, Bonn, Germany. The GSI in Bonn is more than only a conference place; it’s a modern centre for training and discussion, as well as a feel-good meeting-place. It is situated in a very convenient location with a number of advantages. GSI welcomes visitors from all over the world – around 2,000 meetings and over 50,000 overnight stays per year.  Click here for map & directions.

Rooms are available at the workshop place: Click here to book a hotel room at the convention centre.

Pricing / Places are limited

290 € (early-bird rate including training material, training and coffee breaks). Payment via paypal / credit card. Please contact us at for payment via bank transfer.

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