New funding and growth opportunities for your organisation

The challenge: How to open up to new funding and growth opportunities? How to generate funding from alternative sources? How to generate a sustainable revenue streams and improve financial resilience?

We provide you a strategic solution for meeting this challenge. Our solution is organised in following steps:

1. Check-up: Here we make a short evaluation of the capacities, status and potentials of your organisation in the funding market.

2. Perception survey: Here we help you to understand the views of the existing and potential funding organisations about your organisation. Moreover, it will provide an analysis of the current needs and expectations of funding organisations.

3. Recommendations: Following the check-up and perception survey, we provide you with concrete practical tailored recommendations that you can implement immediately to improve your access to funding.

4. Implementation & change management: Here we provide you support in the implementation and organisational change management.

All these services are to be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Contact us and discover how we can help your organisation.